graft installImage: Installation of GRAFT, Edra Soto

Cuchifritos Gallery + Project Space

A gallery unlike many others! Located in Essex Street Market this gallery’s lack of orthodoxy does not end there; the space is run by artist founded, not-for-profit Artists Alliance Inc and shows work of underrepresented artists. No pretentious gallerina shoots judgmental eye daggers as you enter, visitors are not typically pretentious art buyers, but often market goers picking up the makings for a family dinner; children drag their parents in, and people drop in off the street just to see what’s going on.

This would be a great place to start for anyone who has alway felt too intimidated to enter seemingly elitist gallery spaces.

This month GRAFT, and installation by Edra Soto brings the architectural vernacular of the streets of San Juan, Puerto Rico into the Cuchifritos Gallery by recreating the rejas, and bus shelters featuring them, that have a prevalent presence there. The exhibition also features a newspaper for visitors to take along discussing the complex colonial influences that lead to the development of these rejas.

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